About Us

Remocate is your gateway to a world of remote work possibilities. We are a job board designed specifically for digital nomads and high-skilled immigrants seeking exciting career opportunities that transcend borders.

Remocate is passionate about fostering a global remote work community. We believe that talent should be valued regardless of location, and that companies can benefit from a diverse and geographically-distributed workforce.

Our Mission

Remocate is here to:

  • Empower remote workers: We provide digital nomads and high-skilled immigrants with a platform to connect with businesses seeking their unique talents and expertise.
  • Bridge the gap for companies: We help businesses discover a wider pool of qualified candidates, fostering innovation and building geographically-diverse teams.
  • Build a thriving remote work community: We're committed to creating a supportive space where remote workers and businesses can connect, collaborate, and thrive in the remote work landscape.

Legal Entity

This website and the Remocate service are operated by Nikolai Shevchik, a sole proprietor registered under the laws of Georgia. Therefore, you should acknowledge the following:

  • Remocate is a service provided by an individual entrepreneur, Nikolai Shevchik.
  • Nikolai Shevchik is registered and operates under the legal framework of Georgia.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via hello@remocate.app.